Figures and Plots

Neuntrino opportunities at Jinping

Cosmic-ray muon flux of CJPL and a comparison with other laboratories.
Solar neutrino energy spectra and fluxes with the high metallicity hypotheses, where the unit for continuous spectra is 1010MeV/cm2/s, and for discrete lines is 1010/cm2/s.
Solar electron neutrino survival probability.
An example plot of the total expected spectrum including all the neutrino(red) and background (blue) components at Jinping with 1 kton liquid scintillator scheme, 1,500 live days of data, and 500 PE/MeV og detector response.
From top to bottom are the fit results for 200, 500, and 1,000 PE/MeV simulations, respectively (GS98 high metallicity). 7Be and pep neutrinos have a sharp edge structure and 8B neutrino have a very broad distribution, so that they are not so sensitive to detector resolution. But pp and CNO neutrinos rely on the precise determination of all other neutrino and background components, so they are sensitive to detector resolution.